Team Woodwind : a brilliant series….

If you are beginning to learn the Saxophone, Clarinet or Flute then of my favorite tutor books at the moment is TEAM WOODWIND. It has some really good repertoire including some well-known popular tunes which are appropriate to the instrument :

Sax includes

  • Pink panther
  • In the mood
  • Watermelon man

Clarinet includes

  • Stranger on the shore
  • Moonlight serenade
  • Edelwiess

Flute includes

  • Over the rainbow
  • Amazing grace
  • Sweet Gerorgia Brown

The books are easy to understand and follow and are laid out in a very teacher friendly way with each new page containing good clear explanations. This book is probably aimed at slightly older pupils. I would suggest possibly aged about 10 and above (that’s not to say it cannot be used for young pupils, I just think there are better options available). I also feel that this book works best if you are receiving instrumental lessons. The book now comes with a play-a-long CD which makes practice a lot more fun. There is also a lesson diary & practice chart at the front to help monitor progress.

Each page includes a picture of the correct fingering and the position on the stave of each new note that you are about to learn. The book starts with some simple rhythm studies then progresses page by page through all the notes of your chosen instrument using a mix of short study pieces and well-known tunes that are appropriate to that instrument. The book then gently introduces you to some basic rudiments of music including : slurs, tied notes, scales and key signatures all the time introducing new notes as you go.

As you work through the book you move onto more complicated music and time signatures such as 6/8 & 5/4 time. At the back of the book is a full list of all major and minor scales and arpeggios.

Out of all the tutor books that I have used over the years I have generally found this to be the most popular. A lot of the pieces also work in combination with other books in the TEAM series so as well as individual lesson the books can also be used for small ensemble work.

For a full review and a more in depth list of repertoire of each book please click on the menu above to choose your instrument (flute, clarinet , saxophone). There you will find a more info on TEAM as well as other selected tutor books.

Happy playing !


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