Now’s the time….

Don’t put it off….

Hello and welcome to the new year. The time of regretting all those extra Christmas treats in December then frantically joining a gym in January. The statement “I wish I………” could probably be finished by most of us :

  • ……be slimmer and healthier
  • …….could join a gym
  • …….earn more money
  • …….learn the piano/guitar/saxophone

and so the list goes on. Well I guess we are all guilty of saying it during our New Year frivolities but how many of us get into January and just slide back into old routines. Well NO…NOT ANYMORE…! Now is the perfect time to put your wish list into action.

OK, I’m slightly biased, I’m gonna push you towards music but, hey, why not ? Having been a musician now for over 30 years I wish I had a penny for every person that had come to me at the end of a gig or every parent that comes to me and says “oh, I wish I could play a musical instrument”. Believe me I would be a very rich man ! My answer is always the same….” Why don’t you?” I’m usually bombarded with excuses (some valid to be fair) of why not. Generally the theme though is always the same… What’s the point….

I’ll never be that good

Well, maybe you will or maybe you won’t. That is not the point. Does it matter how good you are if you enjoy it? This is the point that most “I wish I could play…” people miss. I will never ever ever ever EVER be anywhere near as good a sax player as Charlie Parker but that hasn’t stopped me trying to be and having many years of fun along the way. A happy consequence of my trying, it turned out that I did actually become quite good at playing. But to be honest that was by accident not design. I was originally a “I wish I could play….” person. The difference is that I took ACTION. One day I bought a cheap old sax just to give it a go. Many years later I am still just “giving it a go” but only to a higher standard that before ! Maybe you will give it ago and realise that it’s not for you. Fine at least you give it a go. You can tick it off your list. Not everyone is suited to music. I once had a go at playing golf….the less said about that the better ! But the point is I’d always fancied having a go….so I did ! I was hopeless. I decided that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would and that my time would probably be more productive elsewhere. But at least I tried !

So come on. Stop being a “I wish I could….” person. Cancel that gym membership that you took out but now no longer use and buy yourself a cheap old instrument and give it a go. What have you got to lose….

Now is definitely the time

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