No short cuts

If you are new to learning a musical instrument then welcome to a new, exciting and very frustrating world ! The world that we live in now has certainly changed a lot since the days that I was a beginner learning my first instrument (a long time ago!). We are now conditioned to more or less instant access to everything that we want and so the discipline of taking time to gradually learn a new skill over weeks, months and years is quite alien to a lot of young learners.

But trust me if you stick with it, then it will be time well invested. I remember beginning to learn the saxophone and being (over) eager to want to play the theme to the Pink Panther. I also remember the day that I finally had the confidence to go into a music shop and purchase the sheet music for it. Going home I gingerly placed it on my music stand and played it. I had a real sense of achievement and from that day there was no stopping me. I had put in a lot of practice to get to that point but it was totally worth it.

So whatever instrument you play, whatever the style of music you like, wherever you want to go with music STICK WITH IT. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take your time, learn your instrument a little at a time and remember…THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS !

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