Ok, so now you are well on your way with playing your chosen instrument. The pleasure of playing any musical instrument is to…well..PLAY MUSIC ! I can still remember the day I walked into a music shop, bought a book that contained a song I wanted to play then went home and actually played it ! I felt like a musician ! Here I have listed a selection of books that are simply fun to play from. They are not necessarily tutor books (though playing any music is going to improve you as a musician) but are just simply good fun.



Not the boring stuff (flute)

I have found all of the books by Mike Mower to be very innovative, challenging and great fun to play. This particular book is for either solo flute or flute duet (also includes piano parts). It contains 10 original compositions. Each piece comes with scale practice and practice patterns. The pieces are relatively challenging but really are good fun. Not for the beginner but once you  are starting to get to grips with the flute this book is a must.




Guest Spot

This series of books is fantastic. The series really is musically comprehensive covering most instruments from flute, clarinet, sax as well as loads of others (strings, brass, voice) and most styles of music. There is also a junior guest spot series available for younger players. The full list of titles available are to many to list here but include:


  • classic blues
  • jazz
  • film themes
  • soul
  • showstoppers
  • christmas
  • ballads
  • Abba
  • The Beatles

to name but a few. Each book comes with play-a-long tracks both with and without lead instrumentation. If you simply want to play then this is the series for you !



100 Ultimate blues riffs for alto sax

This product is an exhaustive guide to the various phrases or “riffs” that make up Blues saxophone playing, both from a rhythmic and soloing standpoint. This book is ideal for most levels of musicianship, from the beginner/intermediate student who is interested in understanding and playing the Blues to more advanced players that need new ideas to help stimulate their creativity. It is also useful as a tool for improving one’s sight reading abilities with the examples being in many different keys and rhythms. I really enjoyed this book as when I started playing the sax it was the sound of those raspy blues horns that I wanted to play. This book really helped me get into and understand some good basic blues phrasing (also available for tenor).