lifelong learning

When you embark on learning a musical instrument its certainly a good idea to set yourself small achievable goals to get you on your way :

  1. putting the instrument together correctly
  2. holding it correctly
  3. playing 3 or 4 notes with a consistent tone
  4. being able to read, understand and remember 3 or 4 notes from your book

These are examples of some simple goals for an absolute beginner. As you become more competent then set slightly more challenging goals such as learning your first scale, but always make sure that you comfortably achieve these before you tick them off !!!!! There will of course be days when it just goes all wrong. We all have these days. Nothing you play is correct and you just want to throw your instrument away and take up bear wrestling instead ! Don’t worry about it. Just try again tomorrow.

Learning a musical instrument is a lifelong pursuit.

If you are doing it correctly then you should never reach a stage when you say “there…I’ve cracked I know it all”.  No matter how good you are there is always something new to keep challenging you. Remember everyday you should aim to be just a little better than you were yesterday.

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