get out there….

Get out and play your music !

The pleasure of playing a musical instrument is all about sound…creating sound….musical harmony…classical, jazz, punk, rock…there are so many different musical sounds to make. So why keep it to yourself ? Get out and play to an audience. The thought of stepping outside your bedroom (or whichever practice space you use) is terrifying to some and so they never progress past playing for themselves.

Whats the worst that could happen?

A great way to improve your musicianship is to join a local ensemble/band. Learning from other like minded people is a brilliant way to become better at your instrument. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. There are always loads of local ensembles that are crying out for people JUST LIKE YOU ! I know….I run a few! A little bit of research on google or the local press will turn up a plethora of musical inspiration no matter where you live.

What if I’m not good enough?

Well to be fair if you have only had one lesson and can more or less play a single note then it may be a bit soon ! But generally most areas have ensembles to suit all styles and abilities. Its just a case of finding them and then…..GOING ALONG to give it a try.   The fear of ridicule is, in my experience, generally unfounded. The vast majority of musicians that I have worked with (from all standards) are incredibly friendly, helpful and understanding, after all have you ever met an “expert” that didn’t enjoy sharing their knowledge ! The fear of the unknown is a human defence mechanism but if you can step past that and just give it a go then who knows what you can achieve. You may even enjoy the experience !

I help run  CoSYJO  which is a local youth jazz orchestra. A little research will turn up similar ensembles no matter where you live. So go on..

Get out there and play your music !

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