Deciding to learn

“When we learn we can only start from where we are. From where we are we find ourselves drawn to the sources (tutors, books,courses) which evoke in us the response: Yes, this is what I want!”   

from Tuning In (Lucinda Mackworth-Young)

Once you have made the decision to learn an instrument choosing the source of your learning really is important. Nowadays there is a huge and somewhat overwhelming glut of YouTubers and such all promising to teach you all you need to know….for a price! Clearly it is your choice based on where you (or your child) are in relation to the journey you are about to commence on.

Are you an absolute beginner looking for a tutor/book that will teach you correctly all the basic techniques that you will need to master your chosen instrument. Clearly if the foundations are not correctly laid then it can take a long time to correct bad habits and can, in extreme cases, inhibit good playing and as such potentially put a pupil off for life.

Have you been playing for a little while, having mastered the basics, and are looking for a tutor/book that will take you to the next level.

Have you been playing for a long time and are simply looking for something new and challenging to stimulate and excite your musical sensibilities.

The source of our learning should be attractive to us as it is feeding our desire to better ourselves (musically) and so choosing the correct source of learning should not be underestimated or taken lightly. Should our chosen route not be enjoyable as well as providing the knowledge we crave then a successful outcome (enjoying playing an instrument!) is highly unlikely. Take time to understand where you are on your path and select the route that you feel will help bring you success and of course most importantly enjoyment !

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