Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme

The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme enables pupils at LEA schools to purchase instruments without paying VAT.

How does AIPS work?

Once the parent/pupil has chosen an instrument, the school should place a formal order as normal. The parent then pays the ex-VAT price to the school (usually when the school places the order).

What are the rules?

Customs & Excise have laid down rules to ensure the scheme is not abused:
The student must be in full time education at a Local Authority School.
The student must be receiving music tuition at the school.
The instrument must be appropriate for the pupils needs.
The instrument must be portable.
The instrument must be handed over from school to pupil in a designated teaching room.
The instrument must be charged to the pupil/pupil’s parents at or below the school’s (ex.vat) cost.

What are you waiting for……..

This applies to the UK only.


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