Hi I’m Andy and welcome to music books for woodwind.about andy

Just a bit about me and this site. I have been playing and teaching woodwind (sax, clarinet, flute and a bit of oboe) for over 20 years now. In that time I have had a stream of pupils and parents contact me to ask for a little advice on selecting an appropriate tutor book to learn from. This also may apply to more advanced pupils who maybe want to specialise in jazz or some other form of music and are not too sure which would be the best books to buy.

Ok, this is not earth shattering stuff I agree but a good tutor book that is fun, easy to understand and is possibly age appropriate can make all the difference when it comes to hooking a pupils/child’s interest on their first steps into playing a musical instrument. Equally some of the more advanced books can be quite expensive so selecting something that is going to work and give you, as the pupil, exactly what you need to take your playing to the next level, can also save a bit of time and money.

So the idea of this site is simply for me to share my thoughts and opinions (good and bad) on the various books that I have come across over the years. It would also be nice for you guys to comment and leave your opinions. As I said these are purely my opinions….you may disagree, which is fine. Maybe you would like to recommend a really good book that I have not mentioned. Ultimately the better informed people are the better informed choices people can make.

The first most important decision is to choose to learn an instrument. The second is to choose the best resource to help you fulfil your musical potential.


I’m also going to include a section for people who are considering becoming music educators. I regularly get asked from some of my advanced pupils “how do I get into teaching music?” Well, in the teaching music section I shall be sharing some, hopefully, useful tips, including my route into teaching, motivation, how to get qualified and some other information designed to help you decide if music education is for you.


Best of luck in your musical journey and I hope you find this resource helpful.